Branching out from My Food Comfort Zone

When my husband told me he wanted to go to La Ventana Spanish restaurant, I was not too excited. It is not that I did not like the food, because one would have to know what it tastes like first. I just didn’t think that I would like it, but I didn’t want him to be disappointed so I agreed to go with him. I figured they would have to have something I would like on their menu, and I was actually pretty surprised when I saw it. I have no idea what I was really expecting, but this wasn’t it.

They had three main sections to their menu. The first was appetizers. Next, there were really impressive entrees in a number of different categories. Finally, the dessert menu was scrumptious enough to make anyone want to quit their diet for at least a night just to be able to sample one of them. I was really surprised to see things like chicken wings, pasta, and even chocolate cake on the menu. It made me realize that I really do need to get past my food snobbery, because I am missing out in a big way.

For my appetizer, I chose ham that is served with delicious little pieces of breads and tomatoes. My husband got the potato cubes, and those were really good too. I could not bring myself to order anything like the octopus or pigeon from the menu, but I did have a delicious lobster entree served with delicious rice. I was nearly stuffed at this point, but my husband and I agreed to share a creme brulee, which was heavenly. This meal was so good that I was the one who wanted to go back again before we left for home. It’s also made it so I want to try a lot more restaurants now too!