Excellent Drive Way Replacement Services

Finding paving in Nassau County NY was a necessity after a couple of years of very harsh winters. I spent a lot of time worrying about my trees and the yard, which looked awful after taking a beating from the winds and the snows, but I should have spent more time worrying about my drive way. It was getting pretty old anyway, but all those cracks let the moisture in and when it froze it really started breaking things up. Driving over it is almost as bad as hitting potholes in the street. I knew I needed a new drive way as soon as things warmed up.

I talked to my insurance company and they approved a check for paying for new pavement. It was up to me to find a company, however, so I did a lot of online research in order to find the very best paving company in the county. I didn’t want to have to park my car in the street for weeks while they put up the forms and poured the concrete. I was hopeful it would take a week, tops, but I wasn’t sure that was doable.

The company I found told me that not only was it doable, they did it all the time. They worked hard to make sure they put down the best pavement in the fastest time possible. They didn’t cut corners either. What they did is made sure they had enough hands on deck to keep the job moving forward. They had the old drive way up and gone in no time and the new one put down in about a day. The longest part of the job was just waiting for the new pavement to cure so I could drive on it. They did a great job and I would use them again in a heart beat.

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