I Cannot Wait for My First Convention

I needed to find a company that provides stationary printing in Brisbane. I thought that I would be able to use my computer to create my own letterhead and business cards, but they were not nearly as nice as I had envisioned in my head. Not only did they look inferior because of the paper and business card stock that I had used, but I found out that I am not a great designer for things like this either. That is why I went online to see which businesses in my area provide this kind of service.

I was able to find one that is only about ten minutes from me, and I was happy with the different services that they provide. I wanted to have my own letterhead and business cards, obviously, but I also wanted some of the other things that they do as well. I have also decided that I want to start going to conventions where I can increase my client load, but I need the proper advertising once I am there. I had been thinking about a banner, which was the most obvious choice from what I can remember seeing myself at other conventions, so I was happy to see that they also print these.

I had not considered brochures or pamphlets, but I quickly decided that would be a great addition to my convention set up. I had planned on just passing out papers I had printed myself, but I knew that a brochure or pamphlet would look a lot more professional. The main reason why I had gotten so excited about all of this is because the prices were affordable, and the work is amazing. They helped me with all of my stationary needs, and I am all set up now for my first convention. I cannot wait!

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