Knowing Where to Walk in Singapore

While walking in Singapore, I became angry with the apps that were available for navigation. These apps do a good job of helping people get around when they are driving on the road, but when it comes to moving around on walking trails, they don’t really help out that much. When going to new areas, I’ve become lost a few times, and was only able to get back by using by survival instincts. This caused me to look for a company that could do mobile app development in Singapore, because I wanted to create an app that would be specifically for walking.

In order for the app to work, I had to take a look at all of the existing maps, and make changes to them by adding in any new walking trails that I could find. Doing this alone would take me years, and the app wouldn’t be done until I was an old man. Instead, I hired a team of people to get the information that I needed to fill in the maps. Photos were taken of all the trails and put into the computer to create a three dimensional version of the trail that would look as if a person was actually there when using it.

Compiling all of the data and photos into one finished product took months, and the trails all had to be tested using the app to make sure that everything was accurate. Every year the app will have to be updated just in case there are any new trails added or old ones become blocked off. The app really comes in handy for those who like to explore nature a lot. I can think of an instance where a couple of people became lost for days and didn’t have any way to get back to civilization.

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